We offer customer-specific blockchain based solutions.


We provide support and strategies in the realization of the initial idea to the market-ready product.


As IT security experts, we audit Smart-Contracts and other blockchain applications.


We are actively involved in the blockchain sector for over 6 years with certified expertise in the areas of IT security (ISO 27001), risk management (ISO 31000), compliance (ISO 19600) and the prevention of money laundering.


We ensure compliance with IT security, data protection, compliance and regulatory requirements during the development process.

Blockchain technology can be used across all industries

Our portfolio consists of projects in the areas of finance, agriculture and governance.


Recognition and excellence

We are a multi-award-winning and state-funded team.

As a university spin-off, we originated from the Ruhr-University of Bochum.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology has unrevealed potential to transform and revolutionize entire industries.


We understand the power of Blockchain technology, and we are eager to promote and support it across all industries.